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Wellness Program

Great news for our Massage Wellness Program Participants.  You can now add an Alossi Spa Facial for only $60.  Unlike other spas, we do not charge a membership fee.  Simply come at least every 3 weeks and pick your service at a great low price!

60 minute massage (any style) $59

90 minute massage (any style) $89

Alossi Spa Facial: $60

Alossi Spa Facial with Microderm: $95

2016 Excellence in Business Winner

We are so proud to have won the  2016 Garner Chamber Summit Award for Excellence in Business. Thank you to Jones Insurance for sponsoring the award.

Book Online

Did you know that you can book your massage or facial online? Here is the link, copy and paste into your browser.

Fashion Show Set a Record!

The BackPack Buddies Fashion Show was a huge success this year. We are so happy to announce that we raised over $23,000 to help feed hungry children. That means just from the fashion show we are able to sponsor 70 children for a whole year. Thank you for all your support.


COVID-19 Changes

UPDATE: We have now been mandated to close until April 30th!

Dear Friends,

I am writing you after careful review of data from the CDC, The North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy, The NC Cosmetic Arts Board, and ABMP. Your safety and that of my staff is my highest priority. Being a nurse and having been in charge of an infection control program for a hospice in the past, I felt the need to be very cautious. We have decided to close the spa until March 31st. Hopefully by then we will have a better handle on this virus.

Here are some things we know that have led me to this point of view:

1. The time between exposure and symptoms can be up to 14 days.

2. The virus is contagious for days before symptoms develop, so your “healthy client” might not be.

3. The virus stays intact on surfaces for several days; it stays intact in the air for several hours (at least).

4. COVID-19 is extremely contagious, and it doesn’t take a lot of exposure to spread from one person to another.

5. The virus appears to be contagious after symptoms subside—but we don’t know how long.

6. At this point, older people and those with impaired immune systems are not necessarily more likely than others to catch the virus, but they are more likely to need extensive medical interventions. (Although that may be changing. In some countries the number of people in hospital care are skewing much younger.)

7. We don’t have enough medical capacity to manage what’s coming—which makes it even more vital not to add to that load in any way.

We will be checking messages periodically, and returning phone calls. If you would like, you can also reach out via email ( or Facebook messenger.

This was a very difficult choice I had to make as a small business owner. I know we will all rally together and get through this. We are American’s and that is what we do! I am sending prayers for all of you reading this!

Blessings and Wellness to you all,

Dena McDonald

Charity Shirt Fundraiser

This pandemic has really hit us all and has put the phrase “We Are All In This Together” to a whole new meaning. Clearly there are some that are vastly more impacted than others. I have partnered with my friend Whitney Robinson Eckard to try to help. If you feel lead please purchase one of these charity shirts. All proceeds goes to either Community of Hope Ministries or Salvation Army. The choice is yours. That means that no matter where you are in the USA reading this 🇺🇸 your purchase still benefits people near you. All orders will be shipped to you! Thank you, God Bless and help us spread the word.

All in This Together