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Body Works

Body Works

Our goal is to assist your body in maintaining a healthy balance. Whether you are a working professional, student, athlete, or stay at home mom, if you are experiencing stress or muscle pain, we are here to help. Massage is no longer considered just a luxury, but is a recognized, effective treatment for stress, illness, injury and to ease the tensions of daily life. Massage is more that just about feeling good, it is a powerful tool for health maintenance. Make massage therapy a regular part of your health and wellness routine. Our professional Massage Therapists specialize in individually tailored sessions to meet your specific needs. Choose from the following styles:

Custom Massage

Booking this service allows you to choose your style and pressure preferences. You can request your therapist do a focused/therapeutic massage or a relaxing Swedish style. The choice is yours. Just communicate your request to the therapist. When choosing this option just pick 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

30 min/$50
90min/$125 (price effective March 4th)

Add warm Himalayan salt stones for $10 more

Restore Salt Stone

A nurturing and relaxing experience that warms and soothes the muscles. Hot stones are used to massage the muscles, as well as relax your body. This is a full body 75 minute relaxation service. It does not treat specific areas of tension.


Pregnancy Massage

Take time to connect with your changing body and growing life within. Massage is well known to help support a healthy pregnancy. This massage will promote relaxation as well as ease the aches and pains of pregnancy. A must for all moms to be! If you are deemed a high risk pregnancy please call the spa to discuss before booking.


Couples Massage in “The Loft” Suite

The ultimate in spending quality time together. Dim lights, candles, and soft music. Share the experience of deep relaxation together. Please note that the couples suite is upstairs and only accessable by stairs unfortunately. These can not be booked online. Please call 919-662-5090 to book.


Calm the Chaos

Living in a busy, demanding, world can cause your nervous system to be in a constant state of chaos. Let us provide some calm to your mind and body. All of the elements of this service are specifically designed to turn down stress and anxiety while supporting a healthy nervous system. In the warm amber glow of your room, you unwind with a 75 minute massage experience that includes Himalayan salt stones, an essential oil blend, and warm towels. Please note that this includes a luxurious head/face/scalp massage that uses oil.